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Default The Garrison Guild Charter - *NEW APPLICANTS READ THIS*

The Garrison

A Guild Charter

1. The Garrison is a guild for players of 18 years and older. There will be a general rule that members of ‘The Garrison’ will be 25 years of age or older. Personal friends vouched for by members or family members of members may be considered eligible for ‘The Garrison’ who do not meet this general rule. We do recognise that age is not necessarily the best indicator for maturity, and we have previously accepted applications that were below our stipulated age limit. Such future applications will be judged on a case by case basis, and in exceptional circumstances may be successful. Members found to have lied about their age to gain access to the guild will be immediately removed from the guild. Members suspected due to behaviour and attitude of being under age will be discussed with the guild community and a decision may be reached to remove them from the guild.

Successful applicants will be subject to a 4 week probationary period. This period is designed to assess if you are suitable for The Garrison or The Garrison is suitable for you. If during this period either of these two aspects arise then appropriate action can be taken to address the situation. Probationary periods are assessed throughout the 4 week period by the officers.
In addition, probationary players will not be allowed to vote on new applicants to the guild but are permitted to provide reference information in support of the applicant.

2. Within ‘The Garrison’ there will be recognition that home and family life comes first. Leaving a raid or group at any point for ‘real life’ issues will never be questioned and will never have a negative impact on eligibility for future groups or raids. However where members know there is an extreme likelihood of real life taking over they should inform any raid or group before hand.

3. Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, Ageist or any form of discriminatory abuse will not be tolerated in guild , group or raid chat. There is a recognition that certain terms may be used light-heartedly and with a sense of irony but if at any point conversation causes offense it will immediately cease. Members engaging in discriminatory abuse will be given one warning and then on further occurrence removed from the guild. Use of other offensive terms (such as rape) will also not be tolerated.

4. Members will agree not to swear on TS before 2200 game time . This is due to the fact that many members may have children listening in the background. After this time it is envisaged that members in all time zones will no longer have minors listening. Even then it should be remembered that swearing as a rule is not something that all members are likely to be totally comfortable with.

5. Members of ‘The Garrison’ will consider the server wide impact of their behaviour. Members may be warned over such issues as ‘spamming’ general channels, ‘Ninja looting’ in pugs and any form of ‘griefing’. Warnings may eventually lead to removal from the guild.

6. Members attending ‘The Garrison’ sponsored PvE and PvP raids will abide by the specific requirements of each raid group they join.

7. If you have any issues with any other guild member, you are encouraged to resolve that issue with the person directly. If this is not possible, your first port of call is an Officer. If you still cannot reach a resolution, then you may escalate this to a Captain. Your final position in the procedure is the Guild Leader. Any decision made by the Guild Leader will be made upon careful deliberation, and will be considered final.

8. Upon posting your application, you must include the word "Geronimo" in your application to confirm that you have read, understood and agree with this charter. Applications that do not include this word will not be considered.

9. We reserve the right to remove from the guild, any main/alt character that has not been played in over 2 months without prior communication of the players' intent via forum or pm.
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Edit point 1 to add a little leeway for age if necessary.
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